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Our Mission

Our nonprofit organization was founded with the objective of addressing the unmet menstrual needs of women in underserved communities, particularly those facing financial hardships. As women ourselves, we understand the challenges of managing periods, especially ones with heavy flows or painful cramps. We aim to inspire positive change and instill hope by providing essential menstrual products and support to those in need. Through targeted initiatives and collaborations, we are committed to raising awareness and advocating for sustainable solutions, ensuring a smoother and more equitable experience for women within communities.

We believe all women deserve the right to experience their period stress and mess free.

Our Mission
Pamper Day

Our Vision

The vision of the dear rose project is to create an opportunity where all women have access to the resources they need to thrive during their menstrual cycle. We envision a community where every woman feels empowered and valued. Through our nonprofit initiatives, we aim to address the unmet needs of women and aspire to create a brighter future where a women's well-being is upheld and prioritized.

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